Virgin Himalayan Salt - Coarse

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Price: Rs. 100

Pure and premium quality of naturally fortified Virgin Himalayan Salt in its natural state, free from impurities. The salt originates from fossil marine salt deposit formed over 250 million years ago. Being a mineral depoist, it has been shielded from the modern era pollutants and impurities and is harvested from the salt that is in its mos purest form. The salt is hand pink color of the salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains range. The natural and pure salt. The salt and also contains other minerals added to it naturally that provided numerous benefits to the human health. Hemani virgin Himalayan salt is a Gourmet Food Grade salt that enhances the taste and flavour of the food naturally.

• Naturally fortified with 84 trace minerals
• Sweet and earthy
• Virgin, pure, naturally pink
• No preservatives